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FAR# 19307

by: janine davis

FAR# 19308

by: janine davis

FAR# 17725

by: lorna wallace
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Fine Art Registry™

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Fine Art Registry™
provides a unique, patented, high technology tagging and registration system for artists, collectors, galleries and museums, to help ensure authenticity and provide accurate provenance for works of art and all valuable collectibles. Fine Art Registry members have their own online art gallery and artist portfolio, and can offer their art and collectibles for sale. Fine Art Registry takes no commission for these sales. Free downloadable certificates of authenticity are also available for members. Our system helps prevent art fraud and fakery and deter theft. It helps with recovery of stolen art and with insurance policies and claims.

The Fine Art Registry is packed with useful information for artists, art buyers and collectors, art museums and galleries, collectors and art lovers.
Find out more about Fine Art Registry by watching the introductory videos on this page and reading more about it at What is FAR®?

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FAR® U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,847,299 and 6,885,286 and 7,042,335