Life Long Journey

Artist Marco Nunes Paints with an Uncommon Brilliance

by Sarah Mitchell – 9/29/2006

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“Painting is definitely my passion, that’s where all the good stuff lies!” says artist Marco Nunes, with obvious enthusiasm.

Born to a mother who was a painter herself, Marco spent his early childhood days in Madeira, Portugal before moving to Riviera Beach, Florida. Marco spent the rest of his younger years in Florida and went on to obtain his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Florida State University with a concentration in set design.

Although art had always been a part of his life, it wasn’t until 12 years ago, when he found himself in Los Angeles, California, that Marco really started to play with paint.

In The Beginning

“I got in and never really stopped,” states Marco. “I had always been artistic and crafty but didn’t really start to paint fine art until about 11 years ago.” Initially drawn to LA to work in the entertainment business, Marco has alternatively found that his he”art” belongs with painting.

Marco describes his early paintings as “nonparticular.” “Initially my style was very different: non-specific, but still figurative and nature-based. Then I started adding faces to my art,” says Marco.

An Unusual Process

Marco uses oil paint and plaster to create these dreamlike scenes. His canvas is wood panel surrounded with custom, handmade wooden frames. Why these materials? “There’s something very organic about the materials I use and I like the idea of creating all the parts that make up the final painting.”

“I begin by making a panel out of masonite board,” he explains. “I then pour a mixture containing plaster and other secret ingredients on to the panel and let it dry. During the drying process, many factors come into play in determining the texture of the final surface. Some of these factors include varying quantities of ingredients and sometimes even the weather. It’s almost like putting a cake in the oven and hoping for the best!”

“I paint using Gamblin oil paints and solvents and then seal the completed painting with varnish,” Marco continues. “This is my favorite part, because the varnish really brings out the richness of the colors and for the first time I begin to see my vision come to life. After the varnish has dried I construct the frame, paint it, seal it, put a hanger on it and call it done! This process including drying time and sometimes frustration can take up to a month depending on the size of the piece.”

To see more of Marco’s paintings go to his gallery or his website at the following link: His early work can be found in the “Archive” section on his website. You can see how his work has evolved.


The Message

“Ultimately, my goal is that I would really like to say something to people with my art that maybe hasn’t been said or seen before,” muses Marco. “There are a lot of different messages I’d like to send, but one theme is to maybe open people’s eyes a little bit to things… A few people get it along the way and that’s what keeps me going and really makes it count.”

A good example of this theme is shown by Marco’s painting “Lost a Friend to the Sea…James” which references the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. “This was my anti-war statement. The war was going on and we were forgetting what was behind the flag and what it represents. People and their children were dying and we see this icon. We’re proud of it, but we need to remember what it means. I just felt very moved to do this painting.”

Get Legit with

Marco had his first brush with at the Affaire in the Gardens show in Beverly Hills, CA. It was here that Marco and Teri Franks, Founder of Global Fine Art Registry, Inc., first met. The two had an instant connection. tagging and registration system seemed to be just what Marco needed…

“ was something I had never heard of but people had often approached me about authenticating my work. I figure when someone’s going to spend that amount of money on one of my paintings, they want to have a place to go associated with their piece that proves its authenticity and establishes its provenance,” Marco states. “A signature isn’t quite enough.” Marketing art can be a hard venture. “That’s why it’s so great to have places like Fine Art Registry as a means for artist to display their art. I feel like my work is being represented well and is being seen worldwide.”

Marco’s piece “Lost a Friend at the Sea…James” was featured as the Painting of the Month for July 2006.

More to Face

Although Marco sometimes finds it hard to balance a fulltime job doing graphic design and finding the time for his passion of painting, he says that it is well worth it to give up time on the weekends.

“There’s a lot of art that I want to get done,” Marco says. “It’s my life long journey, I’m just going to keep doing it. There’s nothing else I want to do more. There are too many paintings in my head that just have to be painted!”

Marco explains that experiences are what stimulate and move him to paint. “Life experiences that happen and then you capture that and visualize what it might look like on a canvas or in my case, plaster and masonite!” he says with a laugh. “The mood kind of influences what you want to say but I don’t need to be in a certain mood to paint. Getting that vision across and imagination, tapping into how you feel about something, and human experiences are all I really need.”

With more life experiences to be had, Marco Nunes’ exuberance, passion, and talent will surely continue to light his journey ahead.

Sarah Mitchell | September 29, 2006

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