ANNOUNCING: The Guide To Contemporary Artists

More and more artists are registering with®. The news is getting out. What began as a trickle is now a steady stream. But you can expect the stream to turn into an avalanche.

In order to effectively “bring order to the world of art” we just need to take over the whole world (Oops, we weren’t supposed to let that cat out of the bag yet!).

But seriously, can you imagine what it would be like if every piece of art on the market was registered in the database? Provenance could be checked by anyone with an internet connection with just a couple of clicks of the mouse? Anyone exhibiting, selling, collecting, buying a painting or other piece of art or valuable collectible would just look for the tag? No tag? Why not? The alarm bells would start sounding.

Well, those individuals (excuse the pun) who are already registering their art are at the forefront of what promises to become the accepted, international norm for anything to do with art and collectibles. To recognize those artists who have joined, we are now establishing the Guide to Contemporary Artists.

We’re going to introduce these new members one at a time until the numbers get too great to keep up, at which point we’ll come up with some other bright idea. That way everyone can get to know each other. Feel free to e-mail any other artist. I’m sure they would love to hear from you.

And tell your friends! Get them on board now. You can keep yourself supplied with tags for free just for getting other artists to join.

I hope you all realize what you are part of. We do!

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