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February 20, 2008:
Fine Art Authentication ManagementFine Art Authentication Management
by John Daab
Some time ago Fine Art Registry™ reported that the Parker family, believing that a painting they possessed might be a genuine Jackson Pollock, contacted Paul Biro, Montreal based art restorer and… Read More


February 20, 2008:
Demystifying the PrintDemystifying the Print
by Michael Trant
Is it real? That is the most commonly asked, and eluded, question in the art world. But what does it mean? It may relate to a potential forgery, a work not authentic to the artist. But more… Read More


February 20, 2008:
Can Bad People Make Good ArtCan Bad People Make Good Art: Open Letter To Artists
by Joan Altabe
An art show was cancelled recently on account of the character of the artist. Richard L. Pattenaude, president of the University of Southern Maine, cancelled the display of paintings by a prison… Read More


February 12, 2008:
Pop ArtPop Art: At the Time of China’s Cultural Revolution
by Lihua Zhao
Pop Art was born in Britain in the 1960s, then developed in the United States. It became the contemporary art form at art schools in the USA. It was a movement which praised ordinary things in… Read More


February 12, 2008:
The Upside of DyslexiaThe Upside of Dyslexia
by Cork Marcheschi
This is a personal account of my experience with dyslexia. My hope is to offer a view that is not part of the common body of dyslexic wisdom. I believe there are many individual paths that can… Read More


February 1, 2008:
Joan AltabeJoan Altabe: An Art Critic Who Creates Art
by Dan Koon
Most visitors to this website know Joan Altabe from her continuing series An Open Letter to Artists (from an Art Critic). Newspaper readers in Florida know her as the highly knowledgeable and… Read More


January 22, 2008:
Inside Park WestInside Park West: Information about Park West that Should be Known by Potential Customers Before They Buy
by David Phillips
The following material has come to us from a variety of sources. They all are or were in a position to be able to provide accurate data. Of course we have been unable to verify any of the informa… Read More


January 22, 2008:
The Truth About Art Auctions at SeaThe Truth About Art Auctions at Sea: What an Art Auction is Not!
by Theresa Franks
Many consumers boarding cruise ships for exotic destinations are likely to be subjected at some point during the cruise to the snares of an onboard auction, advertising art work and other collect… Read More


January 22, 2008:
The Art of AuctioneeringThe Art of Auctioneering
by Anayat Durrani
Auctioneers are the ones who run the show at auctions. Auctioneers must be adept at computing a constant barrage of numbers, all the while keeping their attention on bidders in the audience. They… Read More


January 14, 2008:
Truth in the Fine Art IndustryTruth in the Fine Art Industry: Limited Edition Reproductions
by Theresa Franks
Pick up any magazine on the subject, visit any related website, talk to any knowledgeable dealer or gallery and you will soon find out that the field of fine art reproductions, limited edition pr… Read More


December 31, 2007:
Steven ChandlerSteven Chandler: The Georgia Red Mud Painter
by Dan Koon
Someday, not too long from now, judging by the way things are going, Georgia folk artist Steven Chandler will be able to rock back and forth contentedly on the porch of his art empire, wave an ar… Read More


December 31, 2007:
Sheep Aren’t the Only Ones Getting ClonedSheep Aren’t the Only Ones Getting Cloned: Open Letter to Artists
by Joan Altabe
Why don’t we just come out and call contemporary art what it is – a recycling. Painters and sculptors have been replicating themselves and each other for some years now. Its called post-modernism… Read More


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