Refer A Friend Program

Dear Member, is expanding! As you’ve no doubt seen from the new video and articles on the website, there are changes happening here at And there are many more to come.

For starters, over the next few days and weeks you will be seeing improvements in the website to make it easier to better showcase and sell your art with a new look for individual artist galleries and the addition of a new and improved shopping cart.

We’ve just completed a brand new video production, “An Introduction to” on DVD that explains, its importance and potential. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this and will be able to view it online soon and obtain your own copies to show to friends.

We’re now working to support efforts to recover stolen art and artifacts in Iraq following the 2003 invasion and help restore the artistic and cultural heritage of that country.

Some partnerships are in the works that will eventually make an integral part of private and public collections of art and collectibles all over the world.

This is not everything by a long ways. It is just intended to give an indication of our commitment to help bring order to the art world while providing contemporary artists the exposure they need for their art and giving artists and collectors the world’s only online permanent registry for their artwork and collections.

As a Fine Art Registry member you can contribute to the expansion by getting your friends, fellow artists, collectors and acquaintances to become members themselves. Talk to them about Send them to the website. Tell them about the benefits of membership:

  • Personal web page to market and promote their artwork and an online permanent registration portfolio and sales gallery.
  • Free, customizable downloads of certificates of authenticity for artists (other organizations charge $10 or more for each work registered; at our customized Certificates of Authenticity are free with a paid membership).
  • Free biography and photo for their web page.
  • Free artist promotion program– profiles new artists continually and they may be selected to have an article written about them for the FAR online magazine and website, something they can use to promote their career (what would it cost them to have a high quality magazine article written, designed and printed?). All articles published on members will remain stored in a real time, permanent online library for future research and reference.
  • Web space to promote 50 or more pieces of work at any one time and sell them, completely commission free.
  • For collectors, membership provides a permanent, secure, accurate and paperless way to record, track and manage their collection. From an insurance point of view alone this is invaluable.

We’ll soon have additional ammunition for you: fliers that explain simply and clearly; an introductory video, specifically produced for artists which explains in depth. We’ll send it to you as soon as it’s ready.

But don’t wait. The more people who sign up, the more exposure your art receives, the larger the community grows and the more order we’re putting into the world of art. Everyone benefits.

Thank you for your support in helping us to expand for the benefit of art lovers everywhere.

This offer is Fine Art Registry’s ongoing effort to the commitment, promotion, and support of its members. Taking advantage of this offer will encourage and perpetuate the critical importance of permanent registration of visual art and collectibles into a worldwide permanent database, thereby assisting our members in the marketing and the promotion of their work.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please direct your email to:

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