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Our Current Needs

We have a need for a number of knowledgeable experienced writers with a solid, qualified background in the following industries:

  1. Insurance professionals on topics related to fine art and valuables.
  2. Fine Art, Antique, and Collectible Appraisers
  3. Recognized Connoisseurship Experts
  4. Forensic Professionals (i.e., fingerprinting, materials testing, investigations)
  5. Rare Book and Manuscript Professionals
  6. Industry Marketing Professionals
  7. Law Enforcement professionals with experience in the art theft and loss arena.
  8. Lawyers or other legal professionals qualified to write articles that focus on artist copyrights and other key legal issues affecting the fine art industry.

We are also accepting submissions for Nonfiction: Exposé, general interest, humor, interview/profile, opinion, personal experience, and photo features. Query with a unique idea.

Our Writer’s Guidelines accepts submissions from experienced and accomplished writers, as well as new writers wanting to break in. We are a new concept, having recently been granted three U.S. Government patents on our technology and system, and we are the first and only permanent registry of its kind for artists and collectors. We welcome practical articles of interest to serious visual artists, emerging or professional, as well as collectors. Examples of what we publish: investigative, marketing how-tos, first-person stories on how an artist has built his career or an aspect of it, interviews with artists (business/career-building emphasis), and articles on business practices and other topics of use to artists and collectors.

Before writing for us, please familiarize yourself with the types of stories and general interest articles publishes. If you feel your submission would suit our editorial interests, please consider the following:

  • Preference is given to fresh, edgy, maybe even irreverent new ideas and investigations on the visual arts and collectibles, as well as related topics. Tell us a story we haven’t heard from the visual art and collectible markets, especially as it might relate to
  • Since we are a national and international online service, we publish articles that appeal to readers from the U.S. and abroad and everywhere in between. Stories dependent upon local references and/or characters are not suitable for, although exceptions are made from time to time.
  • Attention to detail should be paid to your manuscript submissions. Please query first. Unsolicited submissions are accepted, but will not be returned.
  • We will publish stories that have been published in other publications so long as the author currently holds the rights to the story.
  • Most important of all, know the mission and what we stand for. A shot at writing for us on a regular basis hinges on how well you know our audience and what we offer our members.

Nonfiction: Investigative, exposé, general interest, humor, interview/profile, opinion, personal experience, photo feature. Length 200-2500 words. Pays $50-$300 for assigned articles; $25-$150 for unsolicited articles.

90% freelance written
Established: 2001
Circulation: electronic worldwide
Pays on acceptance
Publishes manuscript 1-6 months after acceptance.
Byline given.

Rights purchased:
One-time rights (for Printed publication)
Buys all electronic rights for World Wide Web edition for use of the Author’s work on We are a permanent registry. Accordingly, all articles purchased and published on the web site will be stored in the historical database for future historical reference. All web articles will remain accessible for public viewing permanently.

Editorial lead-time 3-12 months.
Submit seasonal material 6 months in advance.
Accepts queries by email. Please direct your email to:
Responds in 1-6 weeks to queries.
Responds in 6-12 weeks for unsolicited manuscripts.

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