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June 1, 2008:
Fine Art Registry featured in ARTnews Magazine

The June 2008 issue of ARTnews Magazine carries an intriguing subject on the cover. It’s a story entitled The Blue Print and the excellent two-page article inside is about the recent investigation conducted by fingerprint forgery expert Pat Wertheim on behalf of Fine Art Registry into fingerprints used by Peter Paul Biro to “authenticate” a painting belonging to the Parker family of Long Island as being a genuine Jackson Pollock. …Read More


April 27, 2008:

Masterpiece Artist Canvas, who have for some time been shipping their top-of-the-line Elite Canvases with Fine Art Registry tags already attached, is sponsoring Theresa Franks, Founder and CEO of Phoenix-based web company, Fine Art Registry, to deliver a workshop at the 2008 NAMTA (International Art Materials Trade Association) annual convention on April 30th, prior to the opening of the trade show itself which runs from May 1st to May 3rd. …Read More


April 23, 2008:

Park West Galleries, a Michigan based company best known for selling art on board cruise ships, has filed a series of lawsuits against the consumer advocacy group which spoke out regarding reports of inflated prices, misrepresentations and deceptive trade practices on CBS’s Inside Edition in February of this year. In retaliation for Fine Art Registry exposing Park West’s activities on that program and on the Fine Art Registry website, and for assisting Park West customers who approached Fine Art Registry, with education about works of art they bought at the cruise ship auctions, Park West recently filed suits against the company and some of its personnel, claiming libel and defamation. The suits are an attempt to stop the flow of information about Park West and to stem the tide of refund requests which have multiplied since the airing of the Inside Edition exposé and Fine Art Registry advocacy. …Read More


April 5, 2008:
Forged Fingerprints on Alleged Jackson Pollock Painting

Commissioned by Global Fine Art Registry, LLC., world renowned fingerprint forgery and fabrication detection specialist, Pat Wertheim, examined fingerprints found on an alleged Jackson Pollock painting which had been “authenticated” by self-styled art forensic specialist, Peter Paul Biro of Montreal, Canada (the same expert who was featured in the movie Who the %$#@ is Jackson Pollock? as having “authenticated” the painting Teri’s Find as a Pollock). The investigation is now complete. In what is only the second ever known case of fingerprint forgery in the history of the science, Pat Wertheim found that the fingerprints on the alleged Pollock were forged, planted there by an inked rubber stamp made from a cast of a fingerprint on a paint can at the Pollock-Krasner House. …Read More


March 19, 2008:

HOT Art News:

US and Spanish law enforcement officials today announced federal charges against seven defendants as a result of an international investigation into production and sale of fake limited edition prints of renowned artists.
Read the full press release from the Department of Justice.
Download the PDF version here.


March 3, 2008:
Chubb Collectors features Fine Art Registry

While collectors and museums can match any object tagging technology with any of the available on-line registries, a novel approach is offered by the Fine Art Registry ( Founded in 2000, the Fine Art Registry offers both a patented system of tagging, and a central, secure database of art, collectible, jewelry, gemstones and other valuables. It was established to provide an affordable version of these services for artists, collectors, museums, galleries and others, and can be accessed for free by those doing due diligence, looking to see if an item is stolen, and so on. …Read More


March 1, 2008:
Art Law Lecture CDs, CLE123 and Fine Art Registry

Fine Art Registry™ is working with Arizona attorney and legal consultant, Gail Christensen to record a series of lectures on a variety of topics about art and the law. These lectures are available from CLE123 Inc. for CLE credit in New York, California and Arizona as well as being for sale as stand-alone lectures without CLE credit, both downloadable and on CD from Fine Art Registry. …Read More


February 12, 2008:
Inside Edition, Park West Investigation

On 11 Feb 08, CBS’s Inside Edition aired the results of an investigation into cruise line art auctions which it had been conducting for quite some time. The Inside Edition investigative reporters had been on the cruise ships attending auctions held by Park West at Sea, a division of Park West Gallery of Southfield, Michigan, and had interviewed a number of people who had bought art at cruise line auctions on the understanding that it was a bargain and an investment, only to come home and find that they had been grossly overcharged and that the same pieces were available on land for a third or less of the price they had paid. …Read More


January 22, 2008:

The following material has come to us from a variety of sources. They all are or were in a position to be able to provide accurate data. Of course we have been unable to verify any of the information directly… Read More


November 30, 2007:

In the third week of September this year, from the 15th to 22nd, I invited my mother to enjoy what I thought would be a relaxing seven night cruise so that we could celebrate her 80th birthday in style …Read More


November 29, 2007:

In our article of 21 September, The Art Auction Afloat – Continuing in a Long Tradition of Piracy on the High Seas, we detailed the experiences of Avery and Joyce Hershkowitz with regard to a Park West …Read More


November 15, 2007:

Case Study: Betty Waudby is quick to acknowledge the fact that she exercised poor judgement when she bought three Salvador Dalí prints from Park West at Sea while on a Royal Caribbean cruise …Read More


November 6, 2007:

Bruce Hochman may be Salvador Dalí’s greatest fan. Author of The Annual Print Price Guide to the Graphic Works of Salvador Dalí, Bruce is also the Gallery Director of the Salvador Dalí Gallery in San Juan …Read More


Alleged Pollock Fingerprints, an Independent Expert's ReviewOctober 25, 2007:

Biro fingerprint evidence in Pollock painting “Authentication” found invalid by veteran fingerprint examiner, Tom Hanley.
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Jackson Pollock Painting, K Parker, Fingerprint Analysis Final ReportOctober 17, 2007:

Peter Paul Biro fingerprint evidence in Jackson Pollock painting “Authentication” found to be invalid by veteran fingerprint examiner, Tom Hanley, commissioned by Global Fine Art Registry, LLC. Fine Art Registry retains fingerprint forgery expert for further peer review and examination. …Read More
Read corresponding article and previous reports: Art Forensics


October 12, 2007:
Park West Credit Card, Fine Art Auctions investigation

For many of us, that word brings strong and highly varied images to mind: the somber, almost funereal pall hanging over a barn full of overall-clad men as a foreclosed farm is sold off, piece by …Read More


September 28, 2007:
Park West at Sea, Legal commentary

Purchasers at Park West at Sea cruise ship art auctions receive a number of documents related to their purchases which contain critical terms and conditions all art buyers should understand …Read More


September 21, 2007:

Park West Fine Art Auctions investigationPark West at Sea (the cruise line arm of Park West Galleries), Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Global Fine Arts, GE Money, et al. There is something honest about the traditional pirate. The bandana, the eye patch, the hook where once there was an arm, the peg leg and the cutlass. The jolly roger (skull and crossbones) flying at the mainmast. At least you knew what you were dealing with. Bandits, murderers, thieves, looters and ne’er-do-wells, but visibly so. When the pirates are dressed in suits …Read More


August 23, 2007:

Dick Blick, Masterpiece Elite Canvas, and Fine Art RegistryDick Blick, the leading supplier of art materials, has introduced a new concept into their Fall 2007 Sale catalog, the new, Masterpiece® Elite™ prestretched canvas pretagged with a Fine Art Registry™ secure, tamper-evident seal, ready for the artist/customer to use to make a permanent record in the Fine Art Registry database. The canvases also ship with a free DVD introducing the artist to Fine Art Registry and the value of having their work tagged and registered with® …Read More


August 1, 2007:

Masterpiece Elite Canvas and FAR ID TagMasterpiece Artist Canvas is pleased to announce the introduction of the Masterpiece Elite™ Canvas which is sold with a Fine Art Registry (®) tag from Global Fine Art Registry, LLC already affixed to the back. “We took all our knowledge and experience in stretching canvas, and built the finest stretched canvas we could imagine,” says …Read More


July 23, 2007:

Another Jackson Pollock painting?A just issued preliminary report from Thomas Hanley, Chief of Police in Middlebury, Vermont, and veteran fingerprint examiner with close to 30 years experience in fingerprint identification, casts doubts on Paul Biro’s claims of proving “authenticity” of a possible Pollock painting belonging to the Parker family of Long Island. Biro claimed that the “Jackson Pollock fingerprint” he found on the back of the Parkers’ painting was “the same print as the one on Teri Horton’s painting.” Biro’s much media-hyped work on the Horton painting has been withheld from peer scrutiny by Horton and Biro. …Read More


June 21, 2007:

Fine Art Registry has started work on a documentary, Authenticating Jackson Pollock or What Can Happen If you Don’t Tag and Register your Art. It’s a look at the current art world with regard to authentication, catalogues raisonnés, art history and so on. As part of this documentary, we are going to feature five artists, members only please (they can be newly joined, and the only requirement is that they have tagged and registered at least some of their art). …Read More


June 7, 2007:

A new tag? Well, it’s a different tag. A MICRO tag. The Microtag does NOT replace the regular® tag. Both will be available and each will have its place and its purpose. What is the Microtag? It is …Read More


April 2007:

Not one but two Fine Art Registry related articles appeared in the April 2007 issue of art&antiques as well as a reference to as a resource in protecting your art from theft. …Read More


March 27, 2007:

Accredited fingerprint examiner and police chief Thomas Hanley has completed an independent review, commissioned by Fine Art Registry™, of the fingerprint analysis carried out by Peter Paul Biró which was used to substantiate claims that a painting bought for $5 in a California thrift store by Teri Horton, was the work of Jackson Pollock. Chief Hanley concluded that the fingerprints shown in the published report were of no value for identification purposes. …Read More


February 23, 2007:

Official reports, documenting the commissioned fingerprint analysis of the Teri Horton painting which is claimed to be a Jackson Pollock, are now online for public viewing.


January 2007:

Once again, Fine Art Registry is in the news in Art & Antiques, the nation’s leading publication for the art and antiques market. member, Frankie Brown, is featured with one of his splatter-dash paintings inspired by …Read More


December 28, 2006

The Legal Perspective was written to provide further information regarding this interchange between Ms. Teri Horton and CEO Theresa Franks, following Ms. Horton’s comments on the …Read More


December 23, 2006

An art broker is a matchmaker, connecting art owners, be they artists, collectors, or investors, with art purchasers. Like real estate brokers, art brokers do frequently get up to their elbows in art …Read More


December 7, 2006

It sounds like a real-world version of the fairy tale we all want to believe can be true: the $5 thrift shop find turns out to be a multi-million dollar work of fine are by a famous artist. …Read More


November 18, 2006

Francis Hogan (“Frankie”) Brown is a master of splatter-dash painting and a lot more besides… In 1999, in celebration of his 20th year of painting in the splatter-dash genre, which he began …Read More


November 15, 2006

Breaking Story: Fine Art Registry™ First to Report

Painter and expert on Jackson Pollock states that the painting in the recently released movie Who The #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?, is definitely not a Pollock painting but more likely one of his own …Read More


October 2006:

Check out the October issue of Art & Antiques Magazine, page 52 on the Art Crime page. You will find a very succinct description of your very own Fine Art Registry and its value in preventing art crime and assisting in recovery of lost and stolen pieces. Get a copy and read it. It’s one of the best mags out there. …Read More