How works

Membership, Tag Application, etc.

  1. You, an artist, collector, gallery or museum decide you want to make a permanent record of a work of art you have created or obtained or of a whole collection of art work
  2. You become a member of
  3. You purchase high tech ID tags for your pieces
  4. You apply the tags, photograph the pieces and register each one on the FAR web site so there is a permanent record in our database
  5. The images of the piece will appear in your portfolio gallery on the FAR web site
  6. When you sell a piece of your art, gift it or donate it to someone you carry out an electronic transfer of ownership on the web site so that the sale is a matter of official record. An image of the piece is transferred to the new owner’s portfolio gallery for all to share
  7. Collectors looking for art to buy for their collections can browse the galleries or find work by specific artists and buy with the security of knowing that the provenance of the pieces is established and authentic
  8. Artists or collectors can simply provide a link to their galleries when they want to show a prospective buyer what they have for sale
  9. Insurance claims can be made and dealt with in the certainty that the piece of art actually existed and was owned by the person or entity making the claim
  10. If a work of art is lost or stolen it can be instantly designated as such on the web site, making it easier for it to be recovered
  11. A collector, gallery or museum acquiring a piece of art can use the database to help ensure that the piece is not stolen or forged