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Art Ownership Transfer Instructions

Please use the form below to fill in your information. When you are finished, click the “Create” button and you will be presented with an Ownership Transfer Instructions form, populated with your information and printer ready.

Download transfer instruction:  PDF Format Ownership Transfer Instructions – PDF

artregistration.com Ownership Transfer Instructions

Steps to transfer ownership:

  1. Log on to artregistration.com
  2. Click on Join artregistration.com and follow the on-screen instructions to become a member
  3. Confirm and Check Out.
  4. Once checkout is complete, the screen that appears is “Your New Member” page. Under “Management”, simply click on “artregistration.com Ownership Transfer” and fill in the dialog boxes. Click on “Submit Request”, which takes you to review page. If all okay, click on “Complete Request”. A page will appear stating that your transfer request has been submitted. At the same time artregistration.com will send an email notification to you that the transfer request has been sent to the artist/ collector for approval.
  5. When the request is received by the artist, an approval response should follow within 48 hours. If for some reason you do not receive an email notifying you of the approval of the transfer of ownership, you should contact the artist or seller of the item directly and/or log in to place a second transfer request.

In completing the online transfer of ownership, you play a critical role in ensuring that the provenance/history of ownership remains current. If you ever decide to resell this artwork, art collectors will appreciate that you have taken the time and the necessary steps to ensure proper provenance, thereby increasing its value. This simple transfer process via the artregistration.com website (artregistration.com) is well worth the few minutes it takes to complete the process.


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