What we do?

Online Registry for Art and Collectibles

We areā€¦

  • a web site where artists can permanently register their art when they create it and where private collectors, museums and galleries can register their .
  • a labeling system for works of art which helps prove authenticity and prevent art fraud and theft.
  • establishing provenance and ownership of art works from here on out, to artists, collectors, museums, galleries, insurance companies and police forces.
  • to works of art or any valuable collectible what the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) system is to cars or ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is to books. It enables artists and owners to positively and uniquely identificate art.


FAR Tag - Registration and Application


We also provide:

  • an online gallery for artists where they can display and sell their art, with the advantage over other online galleries that buyers will know they are getting the real thing.
  • an online location for collectors and other art buyers to buy art with the security of knowing that they are investing in a permanently registered and recorded art object.
  • a central location to report stolen or lost art and to help with its recovery.
  • secure, electronic transfer of ownership of art pieces so that there is a permanent record of new ownership, invaluable for tracing art pieces, establishing authenticity, for insurance purposes and so on.
  • customizable online certificates of authenticity for artists to use and print right from their computer.
  • a general resource for artists and art lovers where they can learn more and where they can find resources to help them in their invaluable work.